• Saturday , 20 January 2018


Labour-ManifestoFor 8 years Croydon Conservatives ran the Town Hall, but ignored the needs of Croydon’s residents. The Tories cut vital services to our young people and the elderly and failed to invested in street cleaning or tackle fly-tipping. New streetlights were promised years ago but are now only going in – and we have lost count of the number of pot-holes in local roads.

Our “Ambitious for Croydon” manifesto means we will do things differently, based on what people have told us. We consulted widely and worked closely with residents, community groups, businesses and local schools to produce a manifesto based on teh needs and hopes of local people – including:

  •  Increase street cleaning & prosecute fly-tippers
  •  Deliver local jobs & apprenticeships as a priority
  •  Tackle those responsible for anti social behaviour
  •  Fast Track new street lighting across Croydon
  •  Support 20mph zones where residents want them
  •  Reduce speeding traffic on residential roads
  •   Crack down on rogue and criminal landlords
  •  Freeze council

There is more detail in the Croydon Labour Party Manifesto which includes our five key pledges:

  1. Building affordable housing to buy and rent
  2. Making every street clean and safe
  3. Tackling domestic violence and sexual exploitation
  4. Launching Croydon’s first Fairness Commission.
  5. Creating thousands of skilled local jobs.
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