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Addiscombe West Ward is represented by three Labour Councillors, Sean Fitzsimons, Patrica Hay-Justice and Mark Watson. Mark Watson is standing at the 2018 elections and standing to replace him for Labour is long time Labour member and former councillor Jerry Fitzpatrick.

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There are some interesting facts about our ward on the Croydon Observatory; however we have a population of 15,777 people. Addiscombe West ward covers much of the Addiscombe and East Croydon area of Croydon. It extends from East Croydon railway station towards Woodside Green but does not actually cover the retail centre of Addiscombe, which is the neighbouring Addiscombe East ward.

Did you know?

  • Kate Moss was born in Croydon on 16 January 1974 and grew up in Addiscombe.
  • The former railway station in Addiscombe was used in the 1960 Tony Hancock film ‘The Rebel’.
  • Addiscombe was in ancient times one of the seven boroughs of Croydon. Originally a rural area, its main industries were farming and brick making.
  • Addiscombe Place was built to replace an earlier house around 1701. The building was acquired by the Honourable East India  Company and a military training college was opened in 1809 to train its army. In 1861 following the Indian Mutiny, the company’s military organisation was disbanded. The college then closed in August of that year and the estate was sold to the British Land Company.

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