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Ashburton Ward is represented by three Labour Councillors, Maddie Henson, Stephen Mann, and Andrew Rendle who were elected in May 2014 achieving a 9% swing.

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There are some interesting facts about our ward on the Croydon Observatory; however we have a population of 13,315 people; key landmarks are Ashburton Learning Village, Ashburton House and The Oasis Academy and green space can be found at Ashburton Park.

The ward is wider than the Ashburton area, covering the main retail area of Addiscombe, the Stroud Green, Tollgate and Longheath Garden estates, and large parts of northern Shirley. The ward currently forms part of the Croydon Central constituency, which is one of the most marginal in the country, Labour lost by just 165 at the last election.

Did you know?

  • The ward is named after Ashburton House – one of three large houses in the area.
  • In 1866, part of Stroud Green Farm, in the Ashburton and Woodside areas, was leased as a race course and for many years crowds flocked there on race days.
  • Ashburton Park is on the site of the Woodside Convent. The original mansion was built in 1788 and became the property of Father Tooth in 1878, when it was then used as a convent, orphanage and chapel up until 1924.
  • The Ashburton Learning Village consists of a secondary school, library and community facilities and is the borough’s first education Private Finance Initiative (PFI) development.

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