• Monday , 25 October 2021

Clive Fraser

Clive is one of three Labour councillors for South Norwood ward, and serves as a Labour and Cooperative Councillor. As a keen cooperator he is the council’s Fair-trade Champion. He also acts as the Majority Labour Party Chief Whip,  and sits on various committees within the council including the main Planning Committee, the Ethics Committee,  and General Purposes and Audit Committee, among others . Clive is a long term resident of South Norwood, and was first elected a Councillor for the area between 1994 and 2002,  being re-elected for South Norwood in May 2018.

Contact details;

Correspondence address: 
Croydon Town Hall
Katharine Street

Bus. phone:  07783152322

Email:  clive.fraser@croydon.gov.uk

Twitter :  www.twitter.com/coopfraser

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