• Monday , 25 October 2021

2018 Manifesto

Since 2014 Labour has been working hard and delivering the ambitious vision for Croydon we put forward at the last local election. The streets are getting cleaner and safer. Our district centres are improving from Crystal Palace to Coulsdon and we are delivering a plan for a regenerated town centre, with Box Park and Westfield. Croydon council has become a living wage employer, has protected frontline services and are battling Conservative cuts to our police and NHS.

We want to make Croydon a centre, not a stop-off: a growing hub for south London. Clean and affordable to live in. Easy to travel to and around. Safe for residents old and young. Ambitious in the quality of our schools, hospitals and job opportunities. Attractive to businesses, with prosperity shared across the borough. Confident in ourselves and proud of our local identity here in Croydon.

But we know we’re not where we need to be. Croydon’s potential is not yet fulfilled, and we won’t rest until it is. Croydon is a good place to live, but we believe it can be better. In particular we have to make sure our borough is somewhere people feel safe to spend time in and to walk through at night. So we’ll combat antisocial behaviour and crime, and resist Tory police cuts. And we must protect our NHS frontline services too, as well as be creative in finding ways to improve health and wellbeing. A place is rightly judged by how it cares for the most vulnerable.

The job of unlocking Croydon’s potential is not a quick or easy one. But we can’t afford to let the Tories talk the borough down, or take us backwards by cutting services to the bone. Labour is ambitious for Croydon and determined to continue the last four years’ hard work, to achieve a brighter, fairer future.

There is more detail in the Croydon Labour Party Manifesto which includes our five key pledges:

  1. Every street cleaner and safer, with zero tolerance to criminal fly tippers.
  2. Work with our local NHS to protect front line services and improve public health.
  3. Tackle rising crime and fight to end Tory cuts to our police
  4. Support our young people with the jobs, skills & training that allows them to reach their full potential 
  5. Protect front line council services by bringing our libraries back in to public ownership and safeguarding the vulnerable and elderly.