• Tuesday , 13 April 2021

Safer Streets

seo-team-300x214-300x214We all deserve to feel safe in the town we call home so we are working hard to make your street feel safer.

We have increased the number of CCTV cameras in Croydon and the teams monitoring these are working hard to keep us safe 24 hours per day. We know that the brighter street lighting we have introduced reduces crime and the fear of crime. We are working closely with the police and have paid to have more officers on the beat. Although, both burglary and robbery figures are down in Croydon, we are concerned that with further cuts to our police service these achievements may be under threat.

We have a dedicated enforcement team who have been catching and fining people for anti-social behaviour, littering and spitting in the street. We know there is still more to do and we will continue to campaign for more police for Croydon.

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