• Thursday , 2 April 2020

A Christmas for the many, not the few

As the Labour Leader of London’s greatest borough Croydon, I have just been talking with our managers about all those members of our council staff who will be working over the Christmas break.

From social workers, to street cleaners, winter road gritters to care workers our staff in Croydon, along with many others working for the NHS and all the blue light services, will be making sure the rest of us can enjoy our Christmas break in the knowledge our public services are in good hands. Supporting our public services and defending the ideal of public service is fundamental to Labour values and the values of our council. Compare that with the attitude of the Tories both locally and nationally and it shows just how important it is that we have Jeremy Corbyn and a Labour Government elected as soon as possible.

Lets never forget this Scrooge like Tory government have cut over 70% of our council’s grant in the last eight years, and continue to underfund the vital services we provide (but they should fund) to even the most vulnerable children in Croydon. Alongside this we have the chaos of the Tories Universal Credit that penalises the most vulnerable as well as ongoing attempt to privatise our precious NHS.

However, despite the Tories ongoing austerity we are determined as a Labour Council to protect our frontline services. We are investing in new facilities for our young people, funding the new Fairfield Halls which is set to open next September and supporting the elderly and vulnerable in our community. Just imagine how much more we could do with a Labour Government working alongside us determined to build a country for the many, not the few.

In the months and years ahead, that is what we are all fighting for!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Councillor Tony Newman

Labour Leader

London Borough of Croydon Council


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