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Croydon Council support Town Centre Royal Mail Parcel Collection Office

On 14th April 2015 Croydon’s Scrutiny & Overview Committee endorsed Addiscombe Councillor Sean Fitzsimons recommendations in regards the impact of the move of the Royal Mail Collection Office from its site next to East Croydon Station to the out-of-town Factory Lane industrial estate.  Sean Fitzsimons made 12 recommendations following his investigation and main ones being that Royal Mail should re-open a Parcel Collection Office in Croydon Town Centre, and to support Royal Mail/Post Office to develop a collection point in New Addington.

Sean Fitzsimons said “The importance of parcel collection offices to individual and communities can’t be overstated. Over 560 residents completed an on-line survey about the changes, the highest responses we have ever had in scrutiny.”

89% of respondents said the new location was very bad or bad, compared to 5% who said it was good or very good.
87% said public transport links were bad or very bad, compared to 2% who said it was good or very good.
74% said the parking was bad or very bad compared to 7% who said it was good.

Sean Fitzsimons said “for many residents of Croydon Central, the move of Parcel Collection office from East Croydon to Factory Lane has been disastrous. It has resulted in longer and more expensive journeys to a site that is not suitable for pedestrians or car users. I call upon Royal Mail to admit their mistakes and work with Croydon Council to provide free-to-use Parcel Collection Points in the Town Centre and New Addington.”

Background Information
Croydon Council Scrutiny Report On Royal Mail https://secure.croydon.gov.uk/akscroydon/users/public/admin/kabatt.pl?cmte=SSO&meet=24&href=/akscroydon/images/att5309.pdf

Appeal for Residents to complete the online survey http://addiscombe.info/2015/02/how-happy-are-you-with-the-new-royal-mail-parcel-collection-office-at-factory-lane/

History of Parcel Collection Office move from East Croydon to Factory Lane.

Autumn 2013: Royal Mail submits planning application turn the Sorting and Parcel Collection Office into a 200 home luxury housing development

November 2013: Addiscombe Councillors launch campaign to save East Croydon Parcel Collection Office: http://addiscombe.info/royal-mails-response-to-addiscombe-councillors-campaign-to-keep-a-parcel-collection-office-at-east-croydon/

Dec 2013:  Outcome of Planning Committee: http://addiscombe.info/east-croydon-parcel-office-update/

March 2014: 5-day Notice of Closure by Royal Mail of Parcel Collection Office at East Croydon:   http://addiscombe.info/royal-mail-gives-notice-of-closure-of-east-croydon-parcel-collection-office/

Final Conclusions and Full Recommendations

  1. Cabinet to negotiate leasing the entirety of Factory Lane Car Park to Royal Mail.
  2. To upgrade security of the Factory Lane Car Park to ensure safety of the vehicles.
  3. Cabinet to amend the parking bay restrictions on Factory Lane to enable a 15 minute relief period prior to charges applying.
  4. Royal Mail to open a collection facility for customers within Croydon town centre or alternatively to utilise the central Croydon Post Office for such a service.
  5. Cabinet to state its support for a Town Centre Collection Office and work with Royal Mail to identify and deliver it.
  6. Cabinet to consider how the planning process and its economic development team can help deliver a Town Centre Collection Office.
  7. Cabinet to welcome Royal Mail’s commitment to trialling new ways of meeting customer demands, such as extended opening hours and Sunday working, and to commit to working with Royal Mail on new initiatives.
  8. Cabinet to collaborate with Royal Mail on the Central Parade improvements at New Addington and look towards furnishing the Post Office for capacity to become a collection point for missed deliveries.
  9. Royal Mail to continue working with CWU and staff at Factory Lane to ensure that adequate resources are available to ensure that evening and Sunday opening hours remain.
  10. Royal Mail to review its first-time delivery strategy.
  11. Royal Mail and the Post Office to scrap the redelivery charge and establish free collection points across the Borough.
  12. Royal Mail to increase publicity of its alternative redelivery options to make sure all customers are aware of the service.

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