• Wednesday , 8 December 2021

Gateway Services – supporting residents

access croyodnWe will not sit idly by and be victims of the tory government’s cuts.  One of the best examples of this is our innovative Gateway Service.  The service has been set up to work with households in the round, mitigating and preventing the impact of the relentless tory attack on the welfare safety net and supporting people and families to help themselves.  Our approach has broken down silos and is centred on supporting families. So far, we have already helped over 1,100 of Croydon’s most severely affected families avoid homelessness, 5,400 people to become more financially independent and 587 residents into employment. These people’s pay packets have in turn contributed an extra £3.3m to the nation’s finances via income tax and National Insurance, and Gateway also resolves customers’ issues much faster than via separate council services.

Our approach to mitigating the impact of the welfare reforms has drawn national praise.  Last week, the Work and Pensions Select Committee highlighted Croydon’s proactive approach as an exemplar for other local authorities to follow.  You can read the report here Similarly, the Municipal Journal has run a full feature on our gateway service this last week, highlighting how our new approach is helping thousands of households in Croydon.

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