• Sunday , 9 May 2021

Labour deliver improvements at Truscott House

Local residents with friends, family and our very own Cllr Bernadette Khan gathered together recently for a BBQ to celebrate the fantastic improvementcr88834-01-jpg-pwrt2s to the gardens which have been delivered by Croydon Labour at Truscott House on Stanley Grove. The garden facilities had been largely inaccessible prior to the refurbishment particularly for those who were wheelchair bound.

The new facilities include more accessible seating areas, accessible walking paths as well as new flower beds and a vegetable garden. These have all been made accessible via a new patio door to the rear of the building. The project was delivered by local stake holders working with Cllr Khan and the Mayor of London Authority and is sure to make a big impact on the lives of local residents.

In working together with local residents Bernadette has also has further secured major bathroom refurbishments for Truscott House, much improved outdoor security lighting and cameras as well as a modern indoor sprinkler system. The developments continue to show that despite a restrictive budget left to Labour by the Croydon Tories, local services and improvements will continue to be delivered.

Bernadette said “Not only will these improvements greatly increase the quality of life of some of our most vulnerable residents but together with the future re-development we have secured will make them feel much safer too. Croydon Labour is committed to delivering for all our residents despite difficult financial circumstances. The re-development of Truscott House is just one good example of the work being done by your Croydon Labour council across the borough.”

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