• Sunday , 9 May 2021

West Thornton councillors call for new play facilities

West Thornton’s three Labour councillors have launched a campaign to upgrade the children’s play facilities in Mayfield Road park.  The facilities, which are the only open space activity area for young people in the neighbourhood, are in a poor condition and quite dated in their offer.

The West Thornton Labour councillors have met with the council’s play team and are working hard to find the funding necessary to provide new and improved facilities for kids in the local area. They have also pledged to commit money from the West Thornton devolved ward budget to increase the amount of investment that can be brought to the play park.

Local councillor Stuart King said “The current facilities at Mayfield Road are dated, in poor condition and don’t really offer young people the exciting outdoor play space they deserve. Local children in West Thornton should have the very best environment in which to play, so as their local Labour councillors we are determined to champion their cause”.

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