• Sunday , 23 January 2022

Tackling Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Croydon is now one of the UK’s leading White Ribbon Councils supporting the campaign against the hate crime of Domestic Violence; working in partnership with Crystal Palace FC.

The cost of domestic abuse and sexual violence is high – both financially and in terms of the social and emotional cost to victims. The cost of domestic abuse in Croydon is estimated to be £37.4 million with the human and emotional costs at £64.5 million per annum. One of our first priorities as a Labour administration was introduce a Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence strategy, which provides a more community focused approach. The newly funded team of Domestic Abuse Advisors, both virtual and located in localities, will work within universal services and support the mobilisation of the community, voluntary and faith sectors. The 2015-2018 Strategy aims to take a more radical approach to reducing the incidence and impact of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Croydon. In the longer term it will reduce costs through prevention and earlier intervention.

We also made sure that Croydon became accredited as a White Ribbon borough, joining the international campaign to help demonstrate its commitment to changing attitudes to domestic violence and sexual abuse and reducing offences. The campaign will help to make the point – domestic violence and sexual abuse in Croydon should not be tolerated. Crystal Palace FC Foundation has recently announced backing Croydon’s work with the White Ribbon campaign.

Cllr Mark Watson stated:

“The White Ribbon campaign is particularly about men taking responsibility to violence against women. Most perpetrators are men and most victims are women. This is really about changing attitudes across the borough. We really want to start moving away from managing domestic abuse to actually changing the whole attitudes towards it.”

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