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Thornton Heath

Thornton Heath Ward is represented by three Labour Councillors, Pat Clouder, Karen Jewitt and Callton Young OBE.

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There are some interesting facts about our ward on the Croydon Observatory and a history of the area can be found on wikipedia; however we have a population of 14,669 and key landmarks are St Albans Church and St Pauls Church. Green space can be found at Thornton Heath Recreational Ground and Boulogne Road Playground.

 Did you know?
  • The railway station opened in 1862 when the focus of development shifted to what is now Thornton Heath High Street.
  • The area was badly damaged in the second world war, especially by the V1 flying bombs which were known as ‘Doodle Bugs’.
  • The older Thornton Heath, part of the Manor of Norbury, had been open heath common land for centuries. Its main claim to fame was the useful pond, for horses and cattle, and the gallows, which stood on the site.
  • Thornton Heath High Street developed as a shopping centre in the 1860s, with the local cinema opening in 1911 and closing in 1959.

Pat, Karen and Callton hold their resident surgery on the second Saturday of the month 11.00am – 12.30pm (No surgery in August and December) at the Pop In Centre, 55 Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 8LY.

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